Zip Large Video Files

Make it easy to compress video files!

Are you not able to transfer a large video file or a collection of many videos simultaneously via email? Is there not sufficient memory space on your storage device so that you can save a large video file? If you are going through such point of state, simply compress your videos and reduce their size. Get step by step directions and know how to zip large video files.

Why do we need to zip large video files?

Often we need to send large size video files as an email attachment and most of mail servers allows it’s users to send attachments of a limited size. Different servers have their own size limit and it varies from server to server. Now suppose you have to send a video of 30 MB file size but your mail server allows only 25 MB file size then you would not able to continue. Apart from this size of the attachment also affects the time that is required to upload attachment to the server. Greater the size of video file will be, longer it will take to be uploaded. Therefore in such conditions, it is far better to zip large video files. If you compress large video files first then try to send these archive via email, it will take a few seconds. And also you can come over size restriction problem causes by your mail server.

Almost all kind of video files are previously compressed by their codec but still these are redundant. Actually when you compress a video file using any tool, it simply uses algorithms to identify redundant information so that repetition of meaningful info can be avoid without causing any loss of data. Next time when you again unpack that Zipped video file, entire redundant information again appears in the file to deliver meaningful and original info. Therefore zipping video files is a good way to utilize storage space efficiently on any drive.

However, file compression technique is very helpful and empowers people to save and transfer large size files but a small mistake while packing or unpacking video files could result in unexpected outcomes. You may encounter your video files are not playing or these are corrupted. So, while compressing video files, you must be careful. For this, you should select an efficient file compression tool. Remo MORE is one such advanced file compression tool that comes with smart features to zip large video files securely. This software allows users to compress large video files of different kinds such as .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv, .m4v etc on their Windows and Mac OS X systems. Also you can employ this app to zip audios, photos and documents such as excel sheets, presentations, pdf, doc files etc.

Steps to zip video files:

Step 1: After insatalling this app launch it on your device. Select "Compress" option from "Manage" window. Then, click on "ZIP" option from the main screen.

How to Zip Large Video Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: On this window, click on "Create New RZIP File" option to compress video files on your system.

How to Zip Large Video Files - Create New RZIP Option

Fig 2: Create New RZIP Option

Step 3: Now use add files or folders options to add video files then click on Compress option.

How to Zip Large Video Files - Add Files and Folders

Fig 3: Add Files & Compress

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