Send Large File through Email

Know the Best Way to Email Large File

In this modern age, email is a way to exchange digital information from author to one or many other recipients. There are different email servers used by people around the world. You can use these servers online for instant messaging or use another email client like Microsoft Outlook for off line work. This way of communication is now become very popular in business purpose as well as for personal communication. When you are going to send a large file over email, you may get restricted by the email server’s file size limit. Different email system has different file size limit such as Gmail allows maximum 25 MB, Webmail has 50 MB etc. But if you exceeds this limit, how can you escape yourself from this restraints? No need to worry, here is a complete guide about how to send large file through email.

To send a large file through email, you have to compress that file and bring it under the maximum limit of the email system. Through this process, you can compact a large sized video, application, image and any other file for transfer. Next question may come your mind that how can you compress and send the large file? First of all, you can perform it on your computer by yourself in some simple mouse clicks. For that you can follow the below steps:

Apart from this process, you can also perform this operation with the help of a third party application. You can employ Remo MORE software to send large file through email effortlessly. In this case, you have to just run this application and you can compress your required file very easily. This tool can compress large size image, video, applications and a folder containing different file effortlessly. It can reduce the size of file up to 90 % of its original size. After compression, you can browse that archive easily and can email it to any number of recipients.

This application provides different amazing features to compress and send large file through email. Through compression, you can save precious memory space on your hard disk and you can transfer file in less span of time. Employing this utility, you can apply password to that compressed file for security purpose. This tool saves that archive in standard RZip format. You can compress and send large file through email using this tool on all major versions of Windows, Mac and Android operating system.

Steps to Compress Large File for Email:

Step 1: First, download & install this tool on your computer and then launch it. Select "Compress" option in "Manage" window and next, click on "ZIP" option from the main screen as shown below.

How to Send Large File through Email - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In this step, click on "Create New RZIP File" option to compress large files on your computer easily.

How to Send Large File through Email - Create New RZIP

Fig 2: Create New RZIP

Step 3: Now, add files or folders that you want to compress and then click on "Compress" button.

How to Send Large File through Email - Add File and Folders

Fig 3: Add File & Compress

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